In Highett Terraces, Project Construction Updates

Project Update – July 2020

The Jolimont Construction team are currently finishing the structural framing, and are expecting this to finish next week.

Current Stage:
Basement Electrical/Plumbing – Sewer/Storm Water complete
Ground/First Floor: Plumbing stacks for sanitary points complete.

Next Week:
Upper Roof Will be Installed
Scaffold installed to perimeter of site
Window And doors frames to be installed
Electrical Rough in – Ground/First Floor 8 days complete
Plumbers to run water/gas lines

Week Following:
Installation of in wall cisterns/in wall tap mixers etc
Sisalation paper to be installed to all frames and all non combustible cladding works to start.
Pour driveway ramp and balance of pedestrian access/planta box footings etc

Expected completion time is all dependent on Coronavirus impacts on sub-contractors/lock downs, inclement weather has caused delays, however, the program is still looking likely for a November/December Construction completion date.