In Made Richmond

C Building – Construction Update – November 2019

The developer of Made is pleased to advise that construction is nearing completion with the following works still to be completed:

  • Render the facade with concrete
  • Footpaths to be replaced
  • Common area to be completed
  • Final fit out of appliances
  • Final paint throughout
  • Defects by builders and project management team
  • Common area hallways to be completed
  • Front entrance to be completed

This work should be completed by start to mid December. As soon as it is complete, we will commence pre-settlement inspections. Inspections will commence on the lower floors leaving the top few floors to the end of December to early January for pre-settlement inspections.

When pre-settlement inspections are due to commence, a few days will be provided for you to set a time to inspect your property. This is your opportunity to see your apartment for the first time and at this time, any defects will be noted and fixed prior to you taking ownership.

After this point, Certificate of Occupancy will be issued and settlement called for 14 days after.

Settlements are anticipated to commence around the mid-end February 2020.